Fine Print


The Process

The spiritwear store will be open for a pre-determined period (e.g. 2 weeks) so that customers have enough time to review and make purchase decisions. Upon closing of the store, no further orders (manual or otherwise) will be accepted so that the apparel vendor can begin the production phase of the process. Orders should be delivered within 3-4 weeks following the store closure - not to be confused with the date that individual customers place orders. Completed orders will be packaged and delivered to the South Carroll High School Athletic Director (Tim Novotny) for distribution to the respective sports teams and subsequently, to the players.   

Returns Policy

Due to the custom nature of the items offered in the South Carroll Cavaliers Spiritwear store, we are unable to accept returns on any merchandise. Exceptions to the no returns policy will be made if product delivered is damaged and notification of such damages has been made within 24 hours of the delivery to the school. 

To report any damages to delivered product, please use the Contact Us form to submit a claim. 


All finished product will be delivered to South Carroll High School 2-3 weeks following the closure of the store.